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IBM3...Well, Big Blue may be looking to "cube" more than just their operations, but we'll have to see how things play out. I have to admit that their new Collective Intelligent Brick (CIB) system looks intriguing, though.

They're looking to reduce storage space in a new way. The idea is to have, what looks like, 9" x 9" x 9" cubes bricks that can be stacked or aligned in a number of ways, all-the-while connecting them together to create one huge file store. The planned prototype will hold 12 disks and up to 80 GB, with a combined storage of about 1.2 terabytes (in a 3x3x3 brick layout).

This is definitely something to check back on. I haven't seen any dates, but this thing has been under-wraps since January 2002. I wouldn't expect anything until mid to late 2004 at the earliest, but we'll see. They still don't have anything to connect the bricks to a live network, but they definitely have made a lot of progress. Good job.

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