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I have always referred to VB.NET as VB, except for when there would be a conversation that included VB6. And, in those cases, I usually referred to them as VB6 and VB. Bill Evjen mentions this in a post last month. I didn't ever think it was a big deal, but it's nice to see others who feel the same way.

I've always thought that people consider the “.NET” moniker to be “cool,” so they include it in VB's name. Either that, or they are trying to show it's superiority over VB6. I think that if the .NET community starts to call VB, “VB,” instead of “VB.NET,” then Microsoft will do the same. They are just pushing .NET. As VB6-ers convert to .NET, I don't think there will be this differentiation.

It's obvious that Microsoft isn't supporting VB6 anymore, though. I can't remember the exact time frames, but Microsoft has a plan to stop supporting all old tools/technologies. It's either 3 or 5 years until a tool/technology gets degraded to taking no support calls. VB6 is quickly approaching this date. VB6 will be an afterthought in almost any VB-related topics after this happens.

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