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A post on the Expression Forum asked the question, 'Is Expression Web moribund?'. It was prompted by this article written by add-in developer Dennis DeRobertis. It gave rise to some interesting replies. Mine was as follows, with some further thoughts added.

"No one here is able to say whether MS regard Expression Web as moribund but I certainly hope not. One thing for sure though is that it's in urgent need of updates.

The web evolves continually and since SP2 was released, has moved into what Brett Taylor the CTO of Facebook describes as 'the most important technology trend since the advent of the internet' - the mobile web. This is an area in which MS, apart from Windows Phone 7 itself, seem particularly behind the curve. There are updates in ASP.Net MVC for mobile compatibility but all is quite elsewhere. IMO EW needs to address the mobile web as a matter of urgency.

The other thing that is disturbing is the lack of update to SuperPreview. Browsers have also moved on since the SP2 update yet the cloud offerings for SP have stood still. Adding additional small-screen browser sizes for SP would also be an easy thing to do and would aid mobile site development.

The add-ins are another issue. One of the points of having an HTML/JavaScript model is that it uses the technologies we all work with. I'm sure users have developed add-ins themselves and it's a shame they haven't shared them. As Dennis points out though, the documentation was limited, incomplete, and not kept up to date.

So, frustrating for sure and we can only wait and hope the product develops in the near future."

It's also true to say that EW is the only front-end web dev platform that Microsoft has. Visual Studio isn't fully competent in this area, even with VS2011, and Web Matrix is only a code editor. In fact Visual Studio itself doesn't allow visual editing of razor syntax pages.  Hardly 'visual' in this instance!

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