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Macaw, ‘The Code-Savvy Web Design Tool’ was released on 31st March.

My initial impressions are at the same time both of disappointment and enthusiasm. Disappointment at the missing features and things I can’t seem to do, and enthusiasm for what could be a superb tool.

One of the initial frustrations is that there are no help videos or tutorials. There’s an introductory video which shows a lot but doesn’t always show how things are being done. There are some user-created videos on YouTube but these use beta versions and aren’t great quality.

Update: There are three tutorials at

Update 2 Apr: Although there seems to be no link to them on the Macaw site, there are some tutorial videos at

It’s important to realise that it’s not a coding tool. You can’t seem to get at the code and tweak it. Coming at it as a coder this is frustrating. That said, for a tool that converts visually designed content into code, it does very good job, producing clean HTML5 and CSS3. There are some things you do that can complicate this and result in overly complex styles and these will become apparent with use.

There’s a trial version available and I’d certainly recommend downloading this an putting some effort into learning how to use it. See (although as 1st April the site doesn’t yet have the trial link).

Update 2 Apr: The download page is If you aren’t a registered user it runs in trial mode.


In a few versions time maybe this could be a major element in the future of web design. Just maybe…..

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