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Page Speed and it’s affect on your business
Page speed was an important issue 10 years ago, when we all had slow modems, but became less so with the advent of fast broadband connections that even seemed to make Ajax unnecessary. Then along came the mobile internet and we’re back to a world where page speed and asset optimisation are critical again. If you doubt this an article on SitePoint discussing ’Page Speed and Business Metrics’ may change your mind. Here are some of the figures it ......

Posted On Thursday, May 29, 2014 1:45 AM

Google PageSpeed Insights - helps make your pages load quickly on all devices
The speed you pages load can be crucial for retaining users. This has always been important and is all the more so on mobile devices. A delay of even a second can lose a user.Google have a tool, "PageSpeed Insights" that lets you see what elements of a page are slowing it down and makes suggestions for speeding it up. It gives the pages scores out of 100 for desktop and mobile devices. It rates issues in three categories.Red warnings - where fixing the issues will make a significant effect.Yellow ......

Posted On Monday, August 12, 2013 5:20 AM

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