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Spent today going over some cabling details mostly. Its strange how stressed we all became over these little details, while we will have larger issues to worry about on the day.

(high res)

During the move, we will be moving the Voip servers, RF-Controllers (used by various sites to do handheld-scanning), an Authentication server, the Wyse-Terminal (thin client) management server, and 1 PDC.

We are also moving 2 very criticle FTP/EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) servers, that handle lots of customer-related FTP flows and internal EDI between warehouse management systems.

All the above systems (in the rack diagram in RED) rely on keeping their old IP adress for now, and thus we are moving the entire subnet over to the new site. This is why we call it the big bang. After that, the old site will no longer be routable to the rest of the network, and all that remains is stripping it and storing the hardware that is left.

Also the former Domain Controllers / DNS servers are an issue. Their IP adresses have long since been used in clients all over the place, the config of many of which we cant control centerally (for example through DHCP). Therefore I am moving 1 of the old PDC’s, and its keeping 2 of the 3 legacy IP adresses we need to keep alive.

We spent yesterday doing last cabling work and other such things in preperation for Saterday (see pics below). I still have some things to do, there are some management/reporting scripts still running on the old site I need to migrate tomorow, and I have yet to get round to re-installing HPSIM again. I might start on it after this post, actually.

Here are yesterdays pics:


Starting to look more like the planned diagram now. As you can see we, we replaced the Sun Storagetek with the HP Storageworks MSL9000 that we salvaged from one of the Warehouse Management Systems that was migrated to Prague last week. We dont know if we can use it though, its kinda overkill for the amount of data we now need to backup anyway.

Mustafa is set to become my new right-hand man after his project, he certainly has got the right attitude ;)

Oh thats Justin, he has been added to this project to take some of the load of me. He really knows his stuff and is a wirlwind of highly-opinionated energy ;)

Ninja-Consultant. Implements ESX-virtualisation solutions when you are not looking!

Ser is our resident LAN guy.  Here we created a patching/switchport diagram for the racks (on the laptop screen), and he is tightening up the VLAN configs on the stacked core switches. Justin and me then quickly repatched everything before anyone noticed there was a service interruption ;) (dont worry, the really criticle stuff goes in during the Big Bang)

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# re: T-Minus 1 day to Big Bang serverroom move
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Nice job on the schema. What did you use to design it?
Left by Jean-Francois on Jul 03, 2008 10:33 PM

# re: T-Minus 1 day to Big Bang serverroom move
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Looks like things are going really well! I envy you for having a team of people to work with you on this.

The scope of your project is bigger than mine, but it would be nice to have someone to help.

I'm looking forward to seeing how everything goes! Good luck!

Left by Matt Simmmons on Jul 03, 2008 10:36 PM

# re: T-Minus 1 day to Big Bang serverroom move
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It was made in Visio 2003, using stecils from Visiocafe

And Matt, as for help, they where very last minute though ;) For the longest time there where just 3 of us. Our early requests for more members on the team was denied due to budget. It was only when the business started to understand the impact and implications of the move, did some money magically appear to pay for an extra technical consultant, and a technical architect. I was very glad for the help.
Left by Robert on Jul 04, 2008 12:13 AM

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