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This Saterday, we switched the subnet over, and moved all the remain criticle systems over to a new serverroom across the country.

I didnt get to make as many pics as I liked, and no video, this was mainly cause I was so bussy of course. :D

Half the pics below are curtesy of Arnold.

Back of the Digital Alpha box, refernece sho for recabling.

Packing up the servers in special locked crates. You could see these movers where the right stuff, big burly guys, but they handled the servers like feathers.


Justin felt at home at the new location.

Big Bang Photo 005
x3800 waiting to be converted.

Big Bang Photo 001
We layed out the servers in the hall in the order we where building them into the racks.

Our project operation center, round the corner of the serverroom. From here the managers of the project coordinated the downtime, and the business on-site testing.

Tom, our WAN guy, on the phone with Mohamed, our Unix guy, who was supporting us remotely.


Big Bang Photo 004

Big Bang Photo 003
Very good food and snacks where provided by Arnold and Jan. Thank you guys! You know the best way to an engineers heart is through his stomach!


Big Bang Photo 006
Justin loves Legos, so this pictures seems to make sense.

Big Bang Photo 007
Justin working on the rack conversion kit for the IBM systemx 3800

Big Bang Photo 008
Tom and me discussing the Proxy server and internet line out. Old proxy, new Internet line, and some firewall rules where needed.

Big Bang Photo 010
Arnold:“2 pizza please!” ;  Mustafa is thinking: “I dont like Pizza”…

Big Bang Photo 011
Paul being technical. We hold our collective breath.

Big Bang Photo 009
Sliding in a server into its new home.

Bottom of racks SR3 and SR4

Top Left rack, SR4

A suprise box. This witebox FTP server turned out to be running 4 essential ustomer FTP/EDI flows. We had space for it thankfully, resting on the IBM x3800. Hopefully it will be gone in 2  weeks, but nothing is temporary.  Made this picture of it for the Visio rack diagram.


One of the 2 redundant FTP servers failed on transport. Justin and Paul spend 2 hours putting a new one together out of spare parts of old ones. HP Netservers here, P2 machines, a decade old.

Behind locked door and locked racks, all servers humm quitely, content in their new home.

A day later, back in the first location:

Empty racks moved out of the server rooms

Mail Cluster going to get sent back to UK


Gertjan visibilly enjoying dismanteling the place. 6 years of mental burden of supporting tihs stuff being dealt with here ;)

The NAS, all the data for the Netherlands, with all volumes deleted and now unplugged, ready for storage.

Videos of “demolition”:


Mustafa and Gertjan have taken apart the entire second server room in 1 day. (click here for link if you cant see the embed above)


Oooh.. Nobs! Lovely nobs!!  (click here for link if you cant see the embed above)

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