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When will this administration learn to stop looking for things that don't exist? Weapons of mass destruction in Saddam's hands. Okay, maybe there weren't any. Spinning centrifuges in Iran. Okay, maybe there aren't any. Muslims banding together and plotting to blow up natural gas lines or release serin in subways. Probably not. Or how about -- me hiding a flippin' explosive device in my shoe while boarding an airplane. Definitely not. But still I have to pay $2.50 every time I board, just to stand in that lengthy line and make my way through the scanners.

I'm tired of it. I love travelling overseas where this kind of nonsense does not exist, and where at this point people are much *more* free than here. Places that aren't steeped in financial turmoil -- their country is not deeply immersed in a completely pointless military exercise, with their Federal bank slashing interest rates in order to postpone the inevitable recession from all the spending.

At this point I hope Winston Churchill's sarcastic saying will still hold true -- "Americans will always do the right thing... after every other option has been exhausted." But this time after all the damage is done will we have enough energy left to do the right thing? Or have we lost a precious piece of freedom forever?

Why of all days did I pick today to rant? Well, today we have Dick Cheney pressuring Congress to maintain the wiretap measure. The same wiretap policy that was first secretly enacted by Bush in 2001. It places a stranglehold on our privacy. Did you know the government can legally turn the microphone on for any cell phone in America -- at any time -- and listen in for as long as they want? This bill is not just about tapping phone calls and emails. It's fairly invasive. At this rate pretty soon every time I fart there will be some sensor reporting it back to Homeland Security.

Let me step back and reminisce for a moment. I was fortunate enough to be born into this great land, whose constitution guarantees freedom for all. For a couple of centuries it really worked pretty well. We had some stinker presidents at times, but checks and balances sorted things out. I think another key thing is that in terms of foreign policy during our first 180 years we were reactive, not out to try to stir up trouble. We were worried about the beam in our own eye, not the mote in someone else's. But now we find ourselves following the conquests of a religious zealot, and we're just now becoming fully aware of the pack of lies that was spun to bring us to this point. Apparently 935 so far, and counting. I feel that so much has been lost, both at home and with the trust of the world, that 100% true freedom may not be found again in America. I don't want to walk out on it though. It's the land that I grew up loving. I have so much respect for the founding fathers. I hate watching people trample our inaliable rights.

We have the rest of the primaries coming up soon. Super Tuesday is just around the corner. I think that the one candidate that can best pull us out of this ridiculous mess is Ron Paul. (The link there goes to Wikipedia, not some fruity campaign page.) He's got a good track record. One of the few Republicans who voted against the Iraq war. He tells is like it is, and doesn't waffle. My friend Paul Schroeder has been bugging me for the past few months to take a look at his platform. I did, and I'm impressed. No wonder he's raised so much money with virtually zero assistance from the media. From what I have seen he's got the most honest, well thought out message out of the whole bunch. If you're registered Republican in a state that hasn't had their primaries yet then I would urge you to see what he stands for, and consider casting a vote in his direction. At any rate, be sure to visit the polls this time 'round. There's alot on the line.

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