Disabling IPv6

I often see that people want to disable IP v6 on their windows machine but instead of disabling it completly they uncheck the box on the network adaptor. Unfortunately that is not enough....

In general I would say "leave it enabled" but there are always specific cases where you want to disable it. The only products I would strongly advise against disabling it are the SBS products. For some reason disabling IP v6 on these boxes can cause massive issues in communications between the different applications running on the server.

So if you do want to disable IP v6 follow this support document from Microsoft and use both the registry key as well as the checkmark box:


*Update 05/12/2011*
Based on the following information I'm going to take a stand and advise against disabling IPv6. I know for one that the MS Exchange services require IPv6 and cause problems if you haven't disabled them as stated above.


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