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It's time for Wine Blogging Wednesday 16 hosted by Derrick at An Obsession With Food. The theme this time was eye catching labels. Keep an eye on Derricks blog for the complete roundup of wines. Also, check out the Flickr WBW16 photo pool for all the pictures.

Now, on to our choices! So, we went into the local wine store and browsed around looking for labels and bottles which caught our eye. Granted Erika and I had different ideas about what looked good, and sometimes an attractive label on a questionable bottle of wine caught our attention but we decided against those. It was a bit of a tough decision; we finally decided to two bottles:

Note: I'm not too happy with the way these pictures turned out so I'm going to give it another go-around tonight. Stay tuned.

Canaletto Montepulciano D'Abruzzo - 2002

The simplicity of the label and colour of the drawing were what drew us to this bottle. There's something about the gold lettering on the black background that I really like, it's probably an effect of the great Jackson Triggs wines we've tried.

As for the wine itself there were hints of the usual dried fruit and cherry as well as a good toasty flavour as well as leather. It had a coffee aftertaste which I enjoyed. It went well with a slightly sweet spaghetti bolognese for which I have yet to write the recipe, but I will get that done soon.

Overall however we found it to be a bit too dry with a weak body that was overpowered by the food.


Hardy's Stamp of Australia Riesling Gewurztraminer - 2005

This wine again caught our eye due to the simple main label (I guess the gold did it again) and the unique picture above. It was also a keeper for us since it featured two of our favourite grapes Riesling and Gewürztraminer, which usually mean sweet, low acid and delicious.

We tried this one on it's own at first and then with dinner and it shone in both situations. The aroma was of citrus and honey with the first taste giving a taste of honey and peaches. As expected it was sweet with very little acidity and a clean aftertaste. It was not dry at all. The wine had a very pleasant taste of fresh fruit with a little taste of blueberries as well.

It went excellently with a green salad topped with a strawberry vinaigrette and baked lemon-pepper cod. A very enjoyable wine from Australia, I expect that it would also go great with slightly spicy food as well as with light cheeses and fresh fruit.

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I'm so glad you participated in my second WBW event. Great descriptions of the labels and the wines, and I'm happy to hear that at least one was worth buying again.
Left by Derrick Schneider on Dec 07, 2005 11:50 PM

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