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I'm at PDC, and glad I am as well.  First, I need to thank the geeks with blogs people for the AWESOME t-shirt.  Well done.  The site looks great.

Second, this whole cloud thing that you're reading about, if you're not here, is pretty cool.  I agree with MS, this will be the big thing of the future.  I just wish we knew what they were thinking for cost.  Microsoft Azure will be a big deal.  They've spent over two years of development on it, torn apart SQL server to make it happen, and are running some of their own services through it.

If you have any kind of distributed app, azure will be a great choice for it.

People are comparing it to the Amazon offer, but it's really much more.  It's not just hosting your applications, its a new development paradigm that lets you abstract out hardware from your application.  Basically, you don't think about server provisioning, you build your app and it's rules and then publish the app to the "cloud."  They worry about how many servers, what bandwidth, etc. that you need.

One thing that was missing was the "auto" provision opportunity.  As load increases, you have to actually go out and tell them to increase your capacity.  I'm sure they'll get there eventually.

Anyway, for more info, go to  It's going to be big.

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