Roanoke Code Camp 2010 (3/13) - Call for Speakers

We are now accepting speakers / presentations for Roanoke Code Camp 2010 (western Virginia) being held on Saturday, March 13th at Virginia Western Community College. 

If you have presented at a past Roanoke Code Camp -- welcome back!  Our past reviews tell us we want you back.  If you've never presented at a RCC, welcome!

We will be having 4-5 tracks this year with topics including .NET anything and everything, SQL Server and SharePoint.  If you are passionate about a topic you feel the Roanoke Valley community would be interested in, please submit the following information (or complete the form located here) to

SPEAKER: Name, Email, Bio
SESSION: Title, Level (100,200,300), Abstract

PLEASE FORWARD THIS E-MAIL to those you think may be interested, and please spread the word through Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. We will update the Roanoke Code Camp web site as information becomes available – We have also created a registration page here:
Thanks for your consideration!

If you are affiliated with an organization that would like to sponsor Columbia Code Camp 2010, please contact us at
Robin Edwards, President
Roanoke Valley .NET User Group (RV.NUG)

Serving your job on a silver platter – to yourself

My manager was recently promoted, and although I will continue to work for her indirectly, it is likely that I will have a new manager.  In addition, it is possible there will be a departmental reorganization.  It may be several weeks (hopefully not months) before my new manager is named and the reorganization is announced. 
A colleague and I were discussing job changes.  My colleague said when he left a job (company or department) that he liked to leave on good terms.  Part of this involved passing intellectual property on to his replacement.  In discussing this he commented, “I like to pass my replacement a silver platter”. 
I have changed jobs several times in my career and each time I worked toward my last day.  I worked toward closing projects (if possible), organizing documentation and files (including purging out of date information).  My office was always tidy, clean and organized for my replacement.   I also remember walking into my new office looking forward to new opportunities and discoveries. 
The "silver platter" term stuck and as I was thinking about changes in my organization, I decided this was a good time to quit my job – figuratively.   I am going to work as though I am quitting my job.  My last day of work will coincide with the day before my new manager is named.  On the new manager’s first day, I am going to turn a silver platter over to my replacement – “me”.  I will then begin this change in my organization with the same excitement and optimism that I get with the first day on a new job.  I think I’m going to really like this new job – it comes with several already accrued days of vacation!


ASP.NET - Web Site versus Web Application Project

CodersBarn has a helpful article on the differences between Web Site and Web Application Projects.  It was helpful to me when Master Pages pages were not working as I expected.  Here's the link:  

Roanoke VA - MSDN MidAtlantic Roadshow is coming back in December

Thanks to everyone that came out for the MidAtlantic MSDN Roadshow in Roanoke in September.  Your attendance and enthusiasm were noticed.  I am happy to share that the Roadshow is returning for the afternoon on December 8th to the Roanoke Higher Education Center (it's a really nice venue too!) 

Registration is required - do it NOW and do it HEREOh, and be sure and share this with a friend or two or three.  We'd like to surpass our attendance last time.

G. Andrew Duthie (@devhammer) and crew return for the 4th quarter edition with the following:

Data Access and Network Options in Silverlight

Wondering about the most effective way of getting data into your Silvelright application? Trying to sort out the different options available? Then this session is for you. We will provide an overview of the different networking and data access techniques available in Silverlight. We’ll show examples of using each of these technologies, and along the way, we’ll also look at the role these technologies can play in other .NET applications, as well as look at the Sample Data feature in Expression Blend 3, and how to transition from Sample Data to production data in your applications.

200 Level | 1 hour 45 mins

What’s new in Windows 7 for Developers

Windows 7 has many improvements in both performance and user interface that you can take advantage of in your applications.  This session will give an overview of how to code in those features users will expect such as Libraries, the new Taskbar, and Jump Lists.  We will also look at taking advantage of several performance improvements like Trigger Start services and the new Windows Troubleshooter.  Finally, we will look at adding some of the new interface options available such as Multi-Touch and the Ribbon Menu to your existing applications.

200 Level | 1 hour 45 mins

.NET University - Great Presentation Info for User Groups

Doug Turnure has recently provided a lot more content to .NET University.  .NET University is a site where user groups (or individuals) can download presentations, complete with spiffy slide decks and demos/labs. There are now over 40 downloads (both C# and VB.NET - Yay!)

RV.NUG used .NET U back when .NET 3.0 was first released.  We found the slides and demos were both excellent.  (You can even see us on the alumnus page on .NET U!)

This resource provides many opportunities to user groups.  Here's my quick list

  1. Provides content for a meeting presentation - seasoned speaker can prep and deliver quickly
  2. Provides content for a meeting presentation - NEW SPEAKER - great time to help mentor/coach an rising star in your UG
  3. Hands on workshops - Work with a local community college and prep a lab so attendees can all do the labs (This is what RV.NUG did - Big Thanks to Virginia Western Community College for the labs and lab setup)
  4. Lunch and learn  event - Change the time of day you are presenting content to expose others to the UG

BIG THANKS to Doug (and his team)!  This is a valuable resource.


VB.NET Code Sample on Wikipedia

I was searching (as in BING-ing) for the formula for a loan amortization that I needed for a quick POC I was doing in VB.NET.    Went to my most trusted source for high-level knowledge, Wikipedia.  SURPRISE!!  Following the formula, there was sample code to create an amoritization table for a .NET application in VB.NET.  FTW!  Found it here:

Roanoke Valley SharePoint User Group (RVSPUG) - First Fall Event

The Roanoke Valley SharePoint User Group (RVSPUG) held it's first "event" last Friday (September 25).  The group is hopes to grow and increase community awareness by hosting the event during the workday (as opposed to the weeknight monthly meetings).  Special thanks to Susan Lennon, SharePoint guru, speaker extraordinaire from Virginia Beach.  She delivered two informative presentations back-to-back and answered many questions from a very interactive audience (typical Roanoke!).   

Susan has posted the slides for both the WSS DashBoards and Using jQuery in SharePoint on her blog here:

RVSPUG meets the 4th Wednesday of each month and welcomes anyone interested in SharePoint.  You can find more information at



ASP.NET Membership Provider - Switching from Clear to Hashed

I'm using the ASP.NET membership provider. While testing, I overrode the machine.config and set my password to as follows


I removed the override (switching it back to the machine.config value of "Hashed").

  1. New accounts are being added with a hashed password.
  2. Reseting a password for an account created while the value was set to "Clear" does not hash the password. The passwords for these users remains in clear text.

TODO: To hash the accounts that were already added, I need to do <Researching this now -- hope I don't have to readd all of these users!>

UPDATE: Turns out, that in the Membership table in the Membership database, there is a record for each user.  There are columns for Password, PasswordSalt and PasswordFormat.  Once a user has been created, the PasswordFormat for that user is stored with the user.  Changing web.config does not effect existing users. 

I am going to delete / readd my test accounts.  I could change the PasswordFormat myself, but it seems that is not supported by Microsoft.  This is a membership database for a SharePoint extranet.  Thankfully, I have not yet added the 150 extrernal users and set up their permissions within SharePoint yet. 

Moral of this story:  Do not add your users until you are sure which PasswordFormat you will be using in production.  Changing it after the fact is not supported. 

Mid-Atlantic MSDN & IT Pro RoadShow - Roanoke Edition

G. Andrew Duthie (and company) received a great welcome from the always passionate and involved Roanoke attendees at the Fall 2009 edition of the Mid-Atlantic MSDN & IT Pro RoadShow.  I know I say it over and over, but presenters really enjoy the Roanoke crowds; their passion, their hospitality and their enthusiasm.  So thanks to everyone that attended.  If you missed it, start hanging out with the cool kids from RV.NUG and you'll be one of the first to know about the next event.

Thanks goes to Andrew and company also for delivering good content and welcoming participation from the audience.  Bonus points to Andrew for extending the day and presenting at the September meeting of RV.NUG. 

You can find the slide decks on Andrew's blog here:

Next up: Planning for Roanoke Code Camp 2010 started last week.  It will be in early March at Virginia Western Community College.  Stay tuned - we hope to announce the date soon.


Windows Search does not return all results

As I continue to learn to work on servers, I am often reminded why I didn't want to be an IT Pro (and often avoided learning how).  Working with a third-party vendor on a problem, I have been performing searches looking for all locations of certain files.  Turns out, search does not always search everything.  Why do I get some instances of a .dll returned (installed in the Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework.... folder) but not all instances of a .dll (installed in Windows\Assembly). 

Binging found this Microsoft article. 

Searching "A word or phrase in the file" search criteria may not work

I tried Option 2 and turned on the indexing service) - now I'm trying to guess how long it will take the indexing service to finish indexing. 

I understand search is not returning everything in order to speed the search, but please, please tell me in bright red flashing letters "Search is not interrogating everything on your request.  To search everything you must ..... ". 

 PART 2:

Turns out I am trying to return something that actually resides in the GAC.  C:\Windows\Assembly.  I can't view the GAC via Windows Explorer(and thus Search).  I can view what's in the C:\Windows\Assembly folder, but I can't do a search and retrun anything from that folder.  There are several ways to view the contents of the GAC, Searching with Windows Explorer is just not one of them. 

Hopefully, I've learned enough about using Windows Search, that I won't be confused next time.  (I still prefer writing code!)



I am the newest member of the INETA membership team (yay!).  I've worked with INETA for over 5 years as a user group leader and have met some really great people as a result.  I look forward to working with them and meeting even more (I met a few new people on the very first day I was appointed).  I will be focusing on the states of WV, TN and KY.  

Our user group in western Virginia (Roanoke Valley .NET User Group – RV.NUG) has used some of the resources that INETA provides, but certainly not all of them.  I know if the user group I run can benefit more from INETA, if I just took time to see what all is available.  One of the reasons I do not know is lack of time. I feel certain this applies to other user groups also.   My first self-assigned task is to become more knowledgeable on what INETA already offers.  With that, I hope to help RV.NUG and other user groups meet some of their needs with what is already available. 

WSS 3.0 and Windows Server 2008

We recently moved a WSS 3.0 farm from a Win2K3 server to a Win2K8 server.  I was just told that Windows Server 2008 will only allow one remote user at a time.  This means I can't be on the server at the same time as the network technician configuring the antivirus software.  Making things even more interesting, when he logs on, it kicks me off with no warning (to either one of us).  I miss Windows Server 2003 allowing three of us.  Guess I have to plan a little more than I did before.

UPDATE: 09/15/09: Turns out the reason two people could not log in at the same time is that the "other user" was using my login credentials. 

Mid-Atlantic Roadshow Visits Roanoke VA - Sept 10

While western Virginia has more mountains, northern Virginia has more technology events.  They might have more events, but when we have them, we have the best.  Don't believe it?  Sign up and attend a Developer or IT Pro session on September 10th.  Better register now or you will only get to attend via the tweets from those of us that registered early :)

Microsoft Roadshow visits Roanoke

Thursday, September 10th
Location: Roanoke Higher Education Center
Registration is required

Our very own, Microsoft Developer Evangelist, G. Andrew Duthie (and crew) is coming to Roanoke for a half-day Developer Road show.  In addition, the IT Pro team will be here for a Road Show that morning.  Sign up for one or both events.  Then join the RV.NUG at our September meeting as Andrew is our guest presenter.  Registration is required and you can find more details on MSDN Flash here or on Community Megaphone or the RV.NUGweb site. 
IT Dev high-level agenda - Building Compelling Rich Internet Applications (RIAS) on the Microsoft Platform (Register here)
  1. Sesssion1 - Creating Rich Internet Applications on the Microsoft Platform Using Silverlight 3 and Expression Studio 3
  2. Session 2 - Building Composite Silverlight and WPF Applications Using Prism and MVVM
  3. Session 3 - Introduction to .NET RIA Services
IT Pro agenda: TechNet Unleased: Game on Tour! (Register here)
  1. 1st down - Migrating Windows XP to Windows 7: Get it Done with the Microsoft Deployment Tools
  2. 2nd down - DirectAccess™ With Windows 7: No More VPN!!
  3. 3rd down - Optimizing Your Environment with Remote Desktop Services™ and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  4. 4th down - Score!

Bing vs Google

I have switched from Google to Bing and am liking what I see.  If you are still hesitant to make the switch try out this site where you can see the results from both with every search you do.

I have to admit I use "Google" as a verb.  However, using "Bing" as a verb ... hmmm... not so sure on that yet.

VISTA Ultimate - Large and not visible Temporary Internet File

I have a laptop running VISTA Ultimate with an 80 GB hard-drive.  Something unseen to me is consuming my hard drive. Here's my steps in figuring out what is happening.  I have not resolved the issue yet, but will keep updating this post until it is resolved.

  • I had already deleted all of my Temporary Internet Files using the IE Browser.
  • After digging through the folders via Windows Explorer, I discovered that C:\Users\<my name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows folder was 25GB.  Yet when I look inside the folder, none of the subfolders is large.  (I am showing all hidden files and folders).
  • I then ran Windows Explorer as an Administrator.  (Navigated to C:\Windows\Explorer.exe).  I can now see a Temporary Internet Files folder under the C:\Users\<my name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows folder.  This is nearly 25GB. (using right click- properties to check it).  However, the files and folders do not come close to 25GB.
  • I checked the Previous Versions tab for the Temporary Internet Files.  There is one file and it is 23 GB! I now know the file, but I do not know of any way to delete it. 
  • I deleted all of my System Restore points except the most recent.  (Control Panel - System and Maintenance - System - System Protection).  That only decreased the use by less than 1 GB.  I turned off  Restore Points and rebooted.  I still do not have my space back; so I turned automatic restore points back on.
  • Next steps: Time to tweet and see if I can get a solution.