I figured that today this topic was appropriate.  I'm not going to try to convince you to vote for a candidate.  There are just a few things I have noticed during this election season that I wanted to rant about.

Anyone who says that politicians are not technically savvy is probably right.  The people who work for them are another story.  They make sure that the candidates are blogging and podcasting.  They also inform the people who are calling your house how to block their numbers a number of ways so that you don't know who is calling (at least until you see "Unknown" pop up for the 100th time).

They know your name and where you live.  I had someone show up at the house this last weekend and had my name on his sheet as someone he was supposed to talk to.  Now it wasn't that I was a registered voter, because my wife is registered and and they weren't looking for her.

Now since I am in the Chicago area, famed for stuffing ballot boxes, I want to touch on misuse and flawed voting equipment.  I saw a documentary on HBO the other day that scared me.  They show video from previous elections of touch screen voting machines that counted a vote for the person you didn't pick.  In another case they showed how if you had a corrupt election judge you could alter the results that the machines produced.

So what is my point?  I love technology, but not when it is used to harass me and possibly could rewrite history from the way it actually should have been.  I don't have an answer at this point, but I think we need to be on our guard about how technology is being misused in our election process.  Use the technology to investigate what the candidates are saying.  Find out where they are splitting hairs to put their opponent in a poor light.