Ok, so this isn't that far from another post I made recently.  I am merely continuing to think about different aspects of the same problem.

During the last couple of months the client that I have been working at has been trying to see where they can cut scope to maintain their timeline.  One thing that I realized while listening to a podcast the other day is that they are not taking into account the cost saving that would be gained by moving the release date and delivering the code.  On the podcast they were discussing how you justify architecture on a project.  I believe it works just as well for defending features as being in scope or out of scope.

The question becomes what feature can you implement that would save more than not implementing that feature (sounds like a circular reference or an unsolvable problem).  The tongue-in-cheek answer would be that if it wasn't going to return more than it cost to implement it wasn't worth developing in the first place.  The more serious answer would be something like automating the lookup of customer data that used to be in file draws.  Ok.  You don't see that much any more, but you get the idea.  It is something that reduces the amount of time required for an employee to do their work.