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It happens to me many times that I am trying to install/uninstall or doing backups and I get a error message that a file could not be accessed as some other process or system is accessing the file. Now I can go in processes and kill that process or I can go into 'Computer Management' and check the opened file and end the connection from there, but I think that is too much hassle. This morning I found this small program called 'WhoLocksMe' shows us the processes and file being accessed for a selected folder or drive. We can select a process or a file and can kill that process. Upon installing the app gets attached to Windows Explorer, so it is easy to navigate. I found this tool handy, anybody knows other such tools that are freeware as well that you can recommend?

Tejas Patel


Posted on Thursday, November 4, 2004 4:01 PM Tools | Back to top

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