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I've installed SharePoint 2010 and create first site collection. When I try to specify Target Audience for Announcements webpart in Home page via WebPart Properties, there is no "Target Audience" option. When I did google, articles which specifies how to set Target Audience for List. But that's not what I need. This article will explain how to get Target Audience for webpart in SharePoint 2010 sites.

How to specifiy Target Audience for Webpart in SharePoint 2010?
Well, It's obvious that free versions WSS 3.0/SharePoint Foundation 2010 won't provide Target Audience feature. SharePoint 2007/SharePoint Server 2010 is required for the same. I have MSS 2010 and still not getting Target Audience option for webparts, what to do? A service which determines Target Audience should be enabled and running. It's SharePoint User Profile Service that depends on "User Profile Synchronization Service". So first check the Services via Central Administration -> System Settings -> Manage Services on server.

Check the status of "User Profile Service" and "User Profile Synchronization Service" (This service required to compile audiences. If you have fixed no of users and don't want scheduled syncrhonization then later you can disable it). Check the SharePoint Server Search Service status. It must be started, if so then Start the above 2 specified services(UPS and UPSS).

Now we need to configure audiences in User Profile service application. Open Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage Service Applications. Check status of "User Profile Service Application" and it should be "Started" (otherwise go to previous step and run User Profile Service). Now Click "User Profile Service Application" link. It'll open the user profile service application settings.

Select Configure Syncrhronization Connections and create new connection if required.

Configure Synchronization Connections
Create New Connection

Provide LDAP Connection details and click "Populate Containers" button to list all domain containers. Select "Domain -> Users" (or whichever container that has user details) Note: It'll take few minutes based on network traffic. Then click "Ok" to create the connection.

New Connection Settings

User Profile Synchronization service must be started otherwise it'll show error.

If you've created new connection then open "Configure Synchronization Timer Job" and run it now.

How to create Target Audience in SharePoint 2010?
Central Adminstrion -> Application Management -> User Profile Service Application -> People -> Manage Audiences.
Manage Audiences

It'll show audiences if created already. Otherwise click New Audience -> specify name, description, owner.

Create Targer Audience

Select a option based on requirement (I chose "Satisfy any of the Rules"). Click Ok to go next page. Select Properties and select the property. Specify the value to compare. Now it'll show the Audience properties. Click "Compile Audience" link to validate AD Users and add if the details satisfy specified condition.

Create Targer Audience

Login to your SharePoint site and edit any webpart. It'll now show the option to specify Target Audience.
posted on Thursday, November 25, 2010 5:09 PM


# re: How to do enable Target Audience in SharePoint 2010? 3/3/2011 4:39 PM Sheeba
Good informative

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Thank you!!!! Saved lot of my time.....

# re: How to do enable Target Audience in SharePoint 2010? 1/20/2012 11:50 AM anil kumar
Excellent...Very much informative...Thanks alot venkat

# re: How to do enable Target Audience in SharePoint 2010? 9/18/2012 5:51 PM Navoneel
Thanks a more like that..

# re: How to do enable Target Audience in SharePoint 2010? 3/29/2013 4:27 PM Ajay
Thank you. It's an very nice and clear post.

# re: How to do enable Target Audience in SharePoint 2010? 2/13/2014 9:03 AM roger
Thanks a lot for this information. It works great, highly appreciated. - Roger Stanton

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