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Well... after 2 and a half months of testing and fault finding we have finally sorted our problem out with the Windows CE 4.2 platform.  The culprit was not the wireless drivers or the zero config, or even the tick count.  It was the CEDB!  Can you believe it... I can.

The CEDB is totally unreliable on CF Cards and can cause the entire windows platform to crash for no apparent reason!  We updated the Windows CE platform with all the QFE's and service packs but still it fell over. 

So what can you do about it?  Well you can move the database onto solid state storage if you have such a thing on your device, but there are no guarunteees that the problem won't occur at some point even then.  In our case we couldn't do that as it would involve lots of changes to hardware and re-doing the EMC testing which would cost thousands.  So... what are the alternatives.  We decided to move the database to SQLite!!! Yes you heard right... we went open source!  And it was the best move that we have made so far.  Not only do we have no alarms and no failure of the windows platform but we also have complete control over the source base of the SQLite build that we have on our device. 

My advice to anyone who is trying to use the CEDB on Windows CE 4.2 is to avoid this database and also the SQL Server CE 2.0 database as both of these run on the same code base and go with  SQLite as it is reliable and proven to work.  You also have a lot of developers out there willing to help you out if you find any problems with the database, were as the problem that we found was totally ignored by Microsoft and the embedded team even when our Gold Certified Partner consultants tried to get help and also our platform provider requested help.  This does not reflect well.  Whatever happened to good old fashioned customer service. 

Posted on Monday, June 27, 2005 11:03 AM | Back to top

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