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Well done to the 2012 team for winning the Olympic bid!!!  They fought valiantly right up until the last moment for this and their persistance and hard work won it!!! This is an excellent start for things to come.

More information on the events of today can be found on the BBC website

Althought many people don't like the idea of the games being in London or even in the UK, the general concensus in our office here is that it is a good thing.  There was a big cheer when we all found out here!  Genuine delight was shown, even by the sceptics. 

So the next step for the people of the UK is to fully support the bid now and to ensure that it is a huge success.  We want to show the rest of the world just what we can do when we put our hearts, effort and support into this!  It can and will be done! 

2012 here we come!


And I believe now it is time for me to do some training and see if there is anything I can to to help get those gold medals up for England!!!

Posted on Wednesday, July 6, 2005 12:51 PM | Back to top

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