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This is a quick insert about what happened last night at the Girly geek dinner, I will get round to putting full details up soon along with the photo's on flikr and the podcasts will be up in about a week. I just need to sort out publishing them.

The second London Girl Geek Dinner happened yesterday, and once again it was a fun and interesting event. There were lots of girls there. (around 30 or so) and surprisingly quite a few guys (around 10 or so) which was a plesant surprise.

The atmosphere was great and there was a lot of talking going on amongst people. It looked like everyone was mixing a bit more this time, which is great. The food was good as always and the company was excellent

We had 2 speakers, Eileen and Adriana, who were both absolute stars. They did two excellent speaches on blogging and being a woman in technology and blogging in the business environment. I couldn't have asked for better!

The wine was good and people seemed to enjoy drinking it, but I think people preferred the red to the white... I don't know...

All feedback from the event would be great. Either post it here in response to my post or on the wiki.

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# Women in Technology - and food
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(Sounds better than the term girly geek dinner doesn't it).  Sarah did a fantastic job mobilising...
Left by Eileen Brown's WebLog on Oct 13, 2005 8:04 AM

# re: London Girl Geek Dinner II Roundup
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I never received my plane ticket. Huh. What's up with that?
Left by billh on Oct 13, 2005 6:22 PM

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