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Mobile Monday was great fun and it was rather interesting seeing things from the other side.  Being on the panel talking about Mobile Web 2.0 there was an obvious difference between points of views on even what mobile web 2.0 is.  I guess we are all entitled to our own points of view and that to each and every one of us it is uniquely different.

I tried to get as many developer points across to Vodafone on data cost, api's and location services being made available.  Unfortunately it was a little difficult for them to answer my questions, comments and such.  I guess time constraints etc got in the way.  I hope I wasn't too harsh to Vodafone!

We didn't get into the low level nitty gritty of things in person but some of the discussions on the yahoo group afterwards are well worth looking into.  It would have been fun to have gotten into AJAX talks but it just didn't come up and I know loads of people there wanted to discuss it.  On the other hand it was great to be able to just ask the network providers how they expect developers to get round issues such as location based data visualisation to mobile devices.  I do wonder whether they should be publishing something that gives recommended methods of gaining this data.  (it's quick to do, doesn't cost them anything to develop and would help the devs out no end) The same goes for getting the phone ID's.

I tried to get across the point that I believe that network operators will have a very different role to play in the future and not as a voice and short text data carrier.  More as a service provider and a billing/ payments provider. 

The presentations from the MoMoLondon event were reasonably OK but there have been mixed responses from them, too marketing orientated was the general response. (too many book plugs!) However some of the content was interesting and did leave people thinking although I think some of the examples could have been better chosen for web 2.0 vs mobile web 2.0.  Then again these things aren't always easy to do so I have to say I have the utmost respect for anyone who stands in front of large crowds of people and talks on any subject.

The next Mobile Monday event doesn't yet have a venue so if you would like to host it please let Daniel Appelquist know.  He will be happy to hear from you.

Posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2006 10:20 AM Mobile , Embedded | Back to top

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