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Well I just received some info that the Beta version of Academic search for Windows Live is now available, and I thought it would be useful to any students, lecturers or academics to know about.  Google have their verison and now Microsoft have theirs too!  It's another useful source of information but it's only in beta version.  It's worth anyone interested in it having a look and giving feedback on it as feedback shapes the way these softwares work.

The Windows Live Academic Search beta is designed to enable users to search through thousands of academic journals, serving as a powerful research aid. In addition to searching for articles, key innovations have been designed to help users find information faster and truly give them an advantage in their research efforts – especially in the areas of user interface and information sorting. Key user features include:

· Preview pane which allows customers to see the abstract of a result quickly by simply mousing over the result
· The ability to group and sort results by author, journal, conference, and date;
· Citation support in two major bibliographic formats which enables customers to quickly compile citations
· Author “Live Links” will automatically connect to the search results of articles associated with that particular author by simply clicking on the hyperlink of the author’s name .
· Support for macros and RSS which can be added to a customer’s page

The initial release will target the areas of computer science, electrical engineering and physics and will offer peer-reviewed content from leading scholarly societies such as ACM and IEEE, and leading publishers such as Elsevier and Wiley. Windows Live Academic Search can be found at and will provide English language results in select global markets.

The beta service will be available today with English versions in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Australia. Additional markets and content will be added throughout the beta period.

I had a quick look at it earlier today and it all seems to be working with Internet Explorer.  I am yet to find out if they are doing Firefox support for this product, from what I can see with Firefox it throws you back to the main windows live page. 

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