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Last night I took part in my second team go-karting competition over at the track at Eastleigh.  It was great fun, and the track there was much longer, faster and wider than the one over in Andover.  I personally preferred it… less chance to crash into barriers and a bit more forgiving on under steer which I do sometimes o if I am not concentrating.


There were 11 teams this time and we were team number 5.  We were supposed to have 5 people in our team but one of our drivers didn't turn up.  So we each had 30 minutes on the track and 7 minutes warm up time.  Again it was an endurance race so it was all about consistency, speed and planning changeovers.  I think we got it down to an art on the changeovers.  :)  (apart from when I forgot to put down the pedal extension thingys… :S I couldn't reach the pedals to race at that point… it lost me a few seconds.


I didn't end up in any real crashes and avoided lots, which was good coz it meant that I didn't end up with too many bruises.  There was one corner that most people struggled with, and it made for some comedy racing from some of the other teams out there.  I personally liked the corner that everyone else seemed to be struggling with, but then again I was watching how the best drivers were getting round it both during warm up and in the race to get the hang of it…  


We started off in 5th place and dropped down to 6th for about 15 minutes but soon started climbing up the rankings.  After my first 15 minute stint we were up to 4th place and at the end of my second one we were up in 3rd.  Then with fuel stops and changeovers and our closest competitors getting black flagged and penalty time we got into second place and by the end of the race we were 7 laps up on 3rd place. :)  First place were 10 laps ahead of us, which was pretty remarkable considering how well they drove, I expected them to be even further ahead than they were.  Even so kudos to team 10 coz they were awesome and a pleasure to watch.  I learnt a lot from them just by watching.  They got a well deserved first place.  I was very happy with second place as were the rest of our team coz there was some pretty stiff competition.


So I am now the proud and happy owner of 2 silver trophies for go-karting.  One from Andover and one from Eastleigh…. I can't wait to race again… :) 

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