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Well today is day one of the Mobile and Embedded Developer Conference here in Nice and I thought I would do my best to give a few brief overviews of what goes on at the event and maybe even podcast a few of the sessions, assuming MS allow me to host the content. :)

The first session of the day was with Todd Warren, Corporate VP of Mobile and Embedded Development for Microsoft Corporation.  His talk was all about the big picture of mobility, embedded devices and where Microsoft are planning on taking things. 

Todd started off with some quick facts and figures about the mobility department being one of the fastest growing areas within Microsoft with a 40% recenue increase across eight quarters and that Microsofts main aim is to "Simplify and enrich life for people around the world, with devices that they can't live without!" 

He went on to talk about the Micro Framework for SPOT devices briefly, although really these are irrelevant in the European market as the devices are based on a radio frequency that isn't available out here! (Smart Portable Object Technology)

Windows Mobile was spoken about and by the sound of things we should expect to hear more from teams such as the Exchange team (Eileen ;) ) regarding the integration of mobility into areas such as e-mail and enterprise applications.  The launch of the IMate developer kit was mentionned which provides developers with access to the I-Mate devices for development. 

Todd handed over briefly to Loke Uei Tan, Product Manager and he spoke on patterns and practices.  He went into details about two of the 6 mobile client software factory blocks: orientation & sometimes connected devices.  He also gave a brief overview of SQL Server Everywhere... what he didn't do was give more than the briefest introduction to it.  I am hoping to hear a little more about this... find out it's limitations etc!

The next thing that was discussed was windows embedded and the roadmap.  Basically Windows CE has CE6 on the way out in the next 6 months, then shortly followed by the feature pack in 07.  XPEmbedded will come out with a new feature pack in the next 6 months followed by a Vista version with embedded restrictions, whatever that means and then other bits to follow... there was nothing concrete stated about this area and it was all left a bit too open for my liking. 

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Hey Sarah, it was great to meet you in person at MEDC. Hopefully it won't be the last time.

I think you underestimate the importance of the .NET Micro Framework. As a .NET developer I think you will want to look into it more. It is not about SPOT really, that's just its origin. It is actually a platform in its own right -- it IS an OS, and it runs on CPUs without an MMU, meaning it can scale down to CPUs even lower than Windows CE can run on. Did you know that those little robots that they used for the SumoBots competition at MEDC were running the .NET Micro Framework? So much for not running in Europe. :-P


Left by Sue Loh on Jun 14, 2006 1:26 PM

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