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Mike Hall chaired this session on Windows CE 6 and what it was really all about.  I am just going to do bullet points on this one as I would be here all day otherwise and most of the info is around on the net anyway!

CE6 is a:

  • real-time system (MS do not guaruntee end to end safety cases)
  • Increased footprint size
  • Micro second Real time
  • New XFat file system -> Compatible with standard Windows OS
  • Removed the 32/32 process limit and increased it to 32k/32k (via the new kernel)
  • New Virtual machine model and OS layer
  •  Anticipated dates for things... June 06 feature complete milestone, H2 06 RTM
  • Major changes to wifi driver accesses to the kernel

OK will leave it there for now... back to the hard work of listening to lectures again :)

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