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I was full of hope with this hands on lab that it would give some hints, tips and best practice on how to do good multi threading applications and unfortunately it was just the absolute basics of creating a mobile application and doing thread joins and aborts.  Nothing much about handling race conditions best and nothing much about best practice at all. 

I am hoping that other hands on labs will be much better.  I have earmarked a couple to go to so I will keep my fingers crossed.  The sessions themselves are very good but you can only take so many lectures in a day before you turn off. 

I am actually quite glad that I haven't been out of uni for too long as it does mean that I manage to concentrate throughout most of the sessions.  Others seem to be struggling... I have seen a few sleepy heads in the sessions this afternoon!

Posted on Tuesday, June 6, 2006 3:24 PM Mobile , Embedded | Back to top

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