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Well after a few conversations with people at the MEDC I suddenly realised that although I don't own a MS Smartphone and never have, I probably never will go out and buy one... It is not as though they don't look smart and stylish but I just can't get to grips with their interface.  For me it is just not usable.  I don't like the input methods, I hate browsing the web on them, and configuring them for vpn access to collect e-mail... need I say more...

Anyway... I am now awaiting the day that a Smartphone turns up and tries to entice me to play with it.  I did happen to see a rather nice, small for PPC device that I liked... but it's not even in production yet. :(  Why is it that I always want what I can't have... The device that is cute, small, sexy, smart and does everything from gps to wifi as well as phone, good quality camera and 3g.... oh wait a minute... that would kill the competition and be a very cool device that would be expensive to manufacture... that would be it, and where could the manufacturers go from there? (OS updates, softwares... hmm... battery research :) )

So is it possible to convert me from a simple very basic Symbian phone which I use solely for phone calls and txt's to something to browse the web, collect e-mails etc? Possibly... firstly it should not cost me any more than my current contract of £20/month inc 100sms and 500mins free off peak... (I rarely use my phone in the day)  Since I don't use data transfer I don't want to pay for it... so why would I get a phone that uses it ;)  I am looking for a solid business case for the general user to access the net and their personal e-mail... not company stuff...

I challenge the phone manufacturers, the network providers and the OS vendors to create me a phone that costs me nothing more than my current monthly bill but makes me need it for all sorts of different things other than just a phone... the question is do they dare to take up the challenge. ;)

Think of me as the most critical of users... I am the nightmare customer... I want it all and want to pay little for it... how would you satisfy my needs... (the never ending battle of the mobile markets ;) )

Posted on Tuesday, June 13, 2006 12:07 AM Mobile , Embedded , New Media | Back to top

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The question is, do you really need a smartphone? Browse the web, collect e-mails - you can do that on almost any regular phone now. Most phones also have reasonable calendar and contact applications for basic organising too. It's becoming increasingly difficult to come up with a strong reason for paying out the extra for a smartphone - to which you are probably hinting with your comment about it costing no more than your current contract!
Left by Richard on Jun 13, 2006 6:55 AM

# re: A little known fact about me and Smartphones
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Sarah - I guess you do need a new phone now that your existing one is wet :) And you can get a Windows Mobile phone in pink match your network cable. Just jokin ;)

Seriously, it can be difficult to justify a smartphone (of any brand) if you have little need for features such as email and calendar. Maybe it's other apps that will drive yours and other people's interest though? Most people don't buy a desktop OS just for the OS - they buy it to run applications and with apps like SportsDo for runners and bikers maybe that will pique your interest?

From a cost point of view, that's more down to the operators and with some Tottenham Ct Rd style haggling you can get pretty good deals on devices.

What interested you about the PPC though if you don't need the added functionality? The cool factor or the hardware features like GPS?

And know you will always want want you can't's the nature of IT that the coolest thing is the next one around the corner!
Left by steve on Jun 14, 2006 5:32 PM

# re: A little known fact about me and Smartphones
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What would I use a Smartphone for... well for one I have been playing with a really cool application and hardware combination today called frwd... it's a gps, heartrate monitor etc device which connects up to the Nokia Series 60 and provides info on performance etc. Very cool... especially with London to Brighton coming up. That would be one use for it if there was something like that on WM... which apparently there is but I haven't been able to get my hands on that just yet... I have a demo frwd kit at the moment (courtesy of paul).

The additional cost of a smartphone is questionable when you can get pretty much the same stuff in a Nokia these days.

As a developer on the other hand I prefer to develop for the MS OS as it allows me to write in C# rather than Java with it's many different virtual machines and OS versions.

The hardware features found in PPC are far better than in Smartphone which always pushes me towards them... If I am going to get a phone and pay a small fortune for it, of course i want all the hardware features. So often these days people have their phones in the car, why not put the gps into it so that they can use one device to find their way around. And whilst your at it let's get the wifi in the same device as the phone and gps... and on quad band too... so that it works in the US just as well as in Europe.

Granted the operators don't like the idea of wifi in a phone coz it could just let a killer app out, but to be honest, why not get the devices out there and sell direct to the customer... who says everyone has to buy their phone through an operator. More and more often these days people already have contracts and all they want is a newer better phone coz the one they have is either broken (:S) or doesn't do something that they want it to do.

Personally I would love to be able to write notes on my phone and be able to access my home pc from the kitchen via wifi to get that recipe that I found and saved on my pc. Or since I use messaging clients at home be able to wander round the house and not have to carry an entire laptop about. (it just makes sense...)

In terms of gps and wifi... (or as I would prefer wimax) there could be some interesting games that could be created on that sort of location, proximity software... :)
Left by Sarah on Jun 15, 2006 12:18 AM

# re: A little known fact about me and Smartphones
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Left by carlpt on Jan 04, 2007 2:37 PM

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interesting, thanks
Left by Kitchen Refacing on Jan 17, 2008 11:37 AM

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