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Tony Fish of AMF Ventures recently blogged about bothered 2.0, the issues of Mobile and the internet. It seems to be that Tony has a few different ideas on mobile to some of the big boys like Google and he sees one of the big barriers for the key players as being identity.  The reasons for this.... identity information is something that most online companies are trying to get out of people, I mean how many different sites do you have to log onto when you want to do something, how many different usernames and password combinations do you have to remember and are they all the same or different? 

One of the things Tony's post writes about is the issues of owning your own identity and taking your identity with you from site to site, and in turn who you can trust with that information that can be used on multiple sites.  He makes some good comments about not selling out to the larger corporations such as Google and Microsoft with that sort of informationand looking towards Open ID as an alternative platform tool to push mobile web forwards.  At the end of the day it's all about trust, usability and simplicity.  If you don't trust the company offering you the service with your information you won't sign up, if you can't access it form anywhere (including a mobile) then people may not use it on the go, and if you have to go through a large number of steps or a series of complicated steps either on sign up or when you're using it then again, you just won't bother.  (It all sounds so simple when you think of it like that.... )  But if that is the case then why do so many companies provide their own sign in's with no simple mobile access,  The simple answer is not all companies have experts who know how to design for any type of device, most design sites for a pc and not a mobile. 

Web services give no excuse for poor site design and no mobile access... a simple front page that any device can access with a mobile option or automatic mobile detection would surffice for most people.  (Web services back end with taylored front end is one way to go... there are I'm sure many others.)

And here is where the debate starts... let the conversation begin!

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I agree with you completely on some of the signup steps... the best I have ever seen has to be to be honest, some of the worst as much as I am a lover of them are the microsoft sites. Hopefully with the evolution of web 2.0, lest see what cardspace brings :-) the future is certainly bright and its certainly going to be fun! Happy coding.
Left by Barry on Jun 21, 2007 11:02 AM

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